Regaining Focus

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we start to lose focus on our ultimate purpose.  I feel like that’s been the case for me lately, with all the distractions and obligations of school, work, and everything else keeping me from really focusing on my personal growth.

This thought really struck home for me today at my Mastermind group’s weekly meeting, where we did an exercise where we wrote down our ultimate goals in the area of business and relationships.  In some areas, I felt like I am making strides, but in others, I feel like I’m starting to slip.  My main takeaways:

1) I need to focus more on school.  Several members of the group talked about how they were struggling in school, and I can relate.  I’ve had a very busy social life lately, going out nearly every day of the week, and while I feel that’s positive development, I feel like the balance in my life has shifted towards too much socializing, and not enough studying.  Listening to what others in the group said about studying has given me renewed motivation to focus on my studies, and get back on track in school.

2) I waste too much time online.  We opened the meeting with a video of Tim Ferris, and I was reminded again that I spend too much time reading articles on me RSS feed reader.  While the articles are often interesting, there’s no way I can ingest the amount of content that I do and make any meaningful changes in my life, and I also end up wasting hours and hours consuming content, instead of producing it.

I think partly this is a symptom of larger problems.  Usually, I tend to seek the distractions of info porn when I’m feeling stressed or uncertain about the future.  Probably some of the stress is due to falling behind in school, and others are caused by worrying about all the other things that are going on with my life.  I’ve quit reading my feeds cold turkey (except when I’m not at home), so I can start taking positive actions instead of just distracting me from the worries of life.

3) I’m starting to backslide on some areas of my life, like communication skills.  For a while, this was a big priority of mine, and I worked on things like tonality, projection, conversations skills, etc., but lately I feel like I’m falling back into old, comfortable, and dysfunctional habits.

What to do?  I need to think more on this one.  I definitely want to take another acting class– possibly next semester, or the next.  Or maybe I can take an improv class with other guys in the group outside class.  I need to project my voice more.  I need to speak up more in group conversations.

Anyway, I have a lot to work on, but it’s nice to regain focus and bring these things back into my consciousness again.  It’s one of the many benefits of being a part of a Mastermind group.


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