Well, I had my first breakup today. Ever since I got into the game a little over two years ago, I haven’t really needed to breakup with any of the girls that I was seeing, mostly because I kept the relationships at a very casual level so I could improve my skills with women, and not be tied down in a relationship. Some of the girls I was seeing would drop off every once in a while, but it was never a big deal.

This girl was different, though. At the time I first started seeing her, I was also seeing other women, but gradually she started pushing for more and more exclusivity. And I caved to her demands, mostly because she was a lot more attractive than other girls I was seeing at the time, the kind of girl that turns heads and gets a lot of attention from guys.

Looking back though, I feel like I should never have let things get this far. If she couldn’t deal with me seeing other women, I should have just let her go. Instead I continued seeing her. And it was fun. The sex was good, and we had a lot of good times together, but lately I just haven’t been feeling it with her, and I decided it was time for this relationship to come to an end.

The actual breakup wasn’t too bad. I explained how I felt pretty calmly, without placing any blame on her, and let her know how I felt. She did get defensive a few times, but I used the I perspective to help diffuse any bad feelings, and kept from answering any questions that might have hurt her feelings (as per Dan’s advice). There were a few tears shed, but mostly we reminisced about the good times we had, and kept things very civil.

I hope that we can remain friends, especially since we share social circles and do see each other from time to time. The fact that we’re in the same social circle is one of the reasons I was initially hesitant to go out with her, but I’ve been in similar situations before, and have always regretted not having pulled the trigger. This time I decided I didn’t want to live with any regrets, and I think things worked out for the best.

Anyway, it was fun to have experienced being in a committed LTR for a while, but it’s time to move on. School starts again this week, which means there will be tons of cute girls hanging around campus. I’ve been back in school for a year now, and ironically, all of the girls that I’ve been with over the past year, I met outside of school. This semester I definitely want to work some college game, and build my social circle within school. Here’s to a new semester, and to cute freshmen girls!


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