Dr Manhattan’s Big Blue Penis

So I caught the midnight showing of Watchmen last night with a couple of my friends.  It was a great movie, very faithful to the original, and I would recommend anyone who hasn’t seen it yet to check it out.

Anyway, one of the things that was unique about the movie was that in several scenes, they show the the manhood of Dr. Manhattan, one of the superheroes in the movie, who parades around naked for most of the film.

Dr Manhattan - Full Frontal

Dr Manhattan - Full Frontal

The reaction from the audience to the Blue Man’s penis was very amusing.  The first time the penis made an appearance on screen, there were whispers and hushed mutterings all throughout the packed theater.  “Was that…?”  “Did they just show….?”  “No they wouldn’t, would they?”

After the first few times, it was pretty clear to everyone, that yes, they were indeed staring at a big blue swinging dick, and everytime Dr. Manhattan appeared on screen naked, there would be a few uncomfortable laughs, and some nervous giggling from a group of girls at the front of the theater.

Now I have to admit, I felt a little embarassed about watching Dr. Manhattan’s penis myself.  When I first realized what I was watching, I could feel my cheeks heating up in embarassment, and I worried about what everyone else was going to think of such a blatant disregard of social norms.

This reaction surprised me, since I grew up in Japan, where depicting male genitalia in the media is more accepted than it is here in the US.  I consider myself pretty liberal when it comes to sexuality, and I am not easily offended, but there I was in the movie theater, blushing over a computer generated penis on some fictional superhero.

It just goes to show what a powerful influence the culture and the society that we grow up in have on our beliefs.  Although I had a pretty liberal upbringing, with very open-minded parents, somewhere along the way I picked up the meme that sexuality is something to be ashamed of, that the penis is something to be embarrassed about and hidden away.

That moment in the movie theater helped to remind me what a powerful effect our beliefs have on the way we act, and the importance of installing more empowering beliefs as I explore the ideas of the seduction communtiy and the boundaries of my own sexuality.


Pickup Podcast Epdisode 72

Feeling sick today :/  But I did manage to drag myself to the gym for my daily workout, while listening to the latest episode of Pickup Podcast.  The Pickup Podcast, for those who haven’t checked it out before, is probably the best source for free pickup related material out there.  It focuses not only on seduction, but on social dynamics and lifestyle building in general, and features interviews with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Anyway, this episode’s interview was with Adam “AFC” Lyons from AttractionExplained.com.  Adam is a great guy with a lot of good things to say (he recently visited us at the SF Lair), but I felt the interview didn’t really come together.  It was a good listen, but there weren’t a lot of actionable steps or insights that I feel I can put into practice in my life.

For example, one of the things that Adam spends a lot of time talking about in the interviewing is rolling into a venue with an entourage of 30-40 women as a way of building massive social proof.  I believe it, but I wish he would have mentioned some specific steps one could go about to build such an army (i.e., how do I go from an entourage of 0  to 40?).

One thing I did find interesting, though, is that Adam is working on getting a Doctorate degree in psychology, with a focus on seduction.  It will be interesting to see the kinds of papers he publishes, being one of the top pickup artists in the world with tons of first-hand experience in the area of seduction.  So much of the psychological research on love and attraction is bunk, so it is exciting to see someone from the seduction community entering academia to show them what real attraction looks like.